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What is a Bespoke Suit?

It’s About the Process

The term “bespoke” is widely being misused today. It is being confused with made to measure or made to order suits. Although, there are many fine made to measure suits, it’s just not a bespoke suit. Made to measure and other custom suits, do give you many options similar to bespoke. You can also get a decent fit with made to measure, but a true bespoke suit gives you the absolute best fit possible.

A true bespoke suit is cut by hand, assembled by hand and includes at least 2 fittings. Your bespoke suit will be cut and partially assembled for your first fitting. Adjustments are made while the suit is on your body giving our expert tailors the ability to ensure a great fit. More exacting adjustments are made and the suit is mostly finished for your second fitting. We make final adjustments and check for proper fit during the second fitting. After the second fitting, we finish the final details for your suit.

Reasons to Get a Bespoke Suit

  • The Fit.  Your suit will be made to your exact measurements.
  • Options. You have almost unlimited options.  Fabric, style, buttons, lapel, pockets, etc…
  • Quality.  Hand cut, hand basted, and expert tailoring is the best.  It moves better, wears better and looks better!

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