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What is a Made to Measure Suit?

A Made to Measure (MTM) Suit is a custom-made suit that has been contracted out to a tailoring house that specializes in manufacturing of same. It is made from cloth selected by the customer, to the measurements taken by the tailor/custom clothier, and with any and all of the details the customer desires. As you can imagine, some of these MTM shops are better than others.

Why custom made? You can walk into the finest men’s stores and very few options are available to you in your size. A retail shop can only inventory so many garments. At Gary Franzen Custom Clothing, your selection of suits, sport coats, slacks and shirts is virtually limitless. From a classic look to cutting edge fashion, you will be accommodated in a comfortable environment here in our showroom, or if you prefer, at your home or office.

For the past fifty years tailor shops in the U.S. were in abundance. These were called Cut, Make and Trim houses. Unfortunately, the days of a tailor shop that constructs its own custom suits primarily by hand (bespoke) are diminishing, as classically trained tailors are a vanishing breed in this country, and a lot of this work is now going overseas.

Here is the good news: there are now companies in various countries have moved to fill this lack of skilled tailoring shops. They have learned – by reverse engineering – and extensive training to a plentiful and eager labor force, how to replicate a fine Italian and/or English made suit.

At Gary Franzen Custom Clothing, after years of searching for a high quality, well priced custom garment house, we are pleased to offer an outstanding custom suit at a comfortable price range. What once was the domain of the very rich, has become quite reachable.

Why buy your custom suit from Gary Franzen? Thirty-three years of experience is definitely something you want on your side. The nuance of design, fabric selection, and proper measuring is of paramount importance. And, having tailors on site to take care of adjustments and alterations that may be needed is a huge plus.

• Fit: How many times can you truly say an off the rack suit fit you well? From sleeves to collar, to waist to the most fundamental aspect – shoulders and chest; the variables are too numerous to list.
• Selection: How many coats or suits can the finest men’s store carry – colors, patterns, designs? At Gary Franzen the selection is virtually limitless! Choose from a large inventory of fabrics in house to the latest samples from the finest woolen mills in the world!
• Service: When you buy a suit from Gary Franzen that is who you will be dealing with – me! With my name on the door and the label you are wearing, I will be doing my utmost to make sure you are getting the very best from our initial meeting to the final delivery!

Our custom Made to Measure suits are an excellent choice for a well made suit at a modest price. Our Made to Measure line is fully custom and made to our highest standards. Your final fitting ensures a great fit.

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